My stressful mind awakes as I enter the realms of what is my newly discovered oasis. It is “big.” It is “small.” It is “mine,” it is “ours.” It’s a high-spirited “jazz-tuned” mellow place that puts me in an ever-relaxed state. I find myself lying down against the light brown grains of sand. The sand feels warm and it sooths and releases my tightly muscled back. I start to feel loose. I run my brown hands though the sand, and as I pick it up in mid-air, I let it slowly run off my hands like a rainy soil erosion. Little grey and white grains of sand stay behind and cling on to my hand. I am now familiarized with the world I once knew. As I move my sand-filled hands once again, I come across the gentle touch of a soft light-brown face. The sight of her quickly sparks a sense of life within me. Her mesmerizing brown eyes, and half-smile, light me up inside as well. As I look more closely into these eyes I am reminded of the vast past we once shared-the happiness, the sadness, the cries, the hope . . . the love for each other. I find that her shiny silky black hair provides me with all the sunlight I need at this very moment; not even a power of which the sun could provide me with. As her virgin pink, soft-textured lips begin to speak, I look away… I can’t hear her as she starts to speak, so I start to panic. My heart beat quickly jumps as if it was racing to catch up to someone. I panic. She is a mere dark shadow of the past that I have now left behind. I panic.

I awake, and hear the jazz-filled musical tunes from the waves. I smile, as I slowly get up from the light brown sand; I stand free. I see the endless blue lake ahead. There are beaming, yellow-golden rays from the mothering sun that reflect a shining bright light off the surface of the lake. I walk pace fully up to the lake and I see a whole new world inside. Thousands of fish swim along, algae and other green plants are being eaten up; this is their comforting world. I kneel down and smell the water. “Ahh…the smell of clean and purified water.” It smells like the times when you freshly install new soil manure, and new tulip flowers. I take a sip of the pure water, and my body is quickly connected with what it was once accustomed to; the taste of nature. I get up from kneeling, and I look above the lake. I see light-red feathered birds flying aimlessly around, with their orange beacon coloured noses. One of the birds, free fully comes to rest on my hand. I pet the soft fur around its concaved back, and feed it bird food from my pockets. I feel its beaconed nose, peck into my skin, and it starts to turn red…but it doesn’t hurt. I am familiar with the bird’s intimacy. As the bird flies away, I look above in the deep blue skies. I see shades of light to dark blue in different parts of the sky. I see small white cumulous clouds shifting from one end of the sky, slowly to the other. It’s a never-ending transition. As I look more closely into one of the clouds, a shape I immediately recognize starts to form. I see the lake and its lively plant life. I see myself exotically involved with the smell and its taste. I see the birds flying aimlessly around. I see all of this in the clouds. I look down from the sky, as I snap back to reality. My soul feels refreshed as if an angel came and made it blissful. I finally feel one with nature. I look back to the lake, and I find a very old bench nearby. I walk up to it and sit down and start to think. I think of everything. I think of the girl and of all fondest close memories we once shared. I think of my new life, and I smile. The new life that I am now devoured in, make me feel free alas. I see a rosy world ahead of me patiently waiting; the lake and its lively plant life, the aimless birds, and the sky wait for me to share world with them. I am now free. Free alas, into my newly discovered oasis.