The lonely night on the departed terrain-
It kicks in now-the internal fear.
I see the surfaces, and depths of my soul-
Wiped out, empty and completely clean.
What lies within I ask? What do I feel?
Like an axe pounding away at my heart.

My rifle in check like an abandoned Indian-
My soul in check like a mentally-ill patient.
As for the rest,
I can not speak forth.

I crouch down like a tiger
As I see my Columbian victim.
Ready to pounce on my prey-
The flesh of human blood awakens me,
As the bag of keys are crystal clear now
In the bright white plantations.

I snipe his head from behind as
My addiction kicks in like a fetus inside a woman's womb-
Only that it never stops, and it is life threatening.

The scare is now over.
I lay my arms on the side and retreat,
As the fine white lines make their way in,
Like a river stream bound to a basin of internal ecstasy.